All Natural Rice Biscuits for Kids


1. Where can I buy Baby Mum-Mums?
For a list of stores near you, click here.

2. Do you have coupons?
We give out hundreds of coupons every year.  Follow us on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and watch for promotions!

3. Can you send out samples?

Unfortunately samples are not sent out by mail.

4. Are Mum-Mum products Gluten free?

Yes, all Mum-Mum products are gluten free. Look for the Gluten Free Logo on our box.

5. When can I start giving my child Mum-Mum’s?

Children mature at different rates, so it is most important to observe the important developmental milestones related to feeding.  Your child should already be introduced to solid foods, over six months of age, and expressing an interest and ability to pick up finger foods by using the pincer grasp. Ask your doctor for more information.

6. Are Mum-Mum products Lactose/Dairy Free?

No milk ingredients are used in the production of Mum-Mum products.

7. My child is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Are Mum-Mum products safe for him?

No peanut or tree nuts are used in the ingredients, on the production line, or in the factory.

8. Why are Mum-Mums sweetened with fruit juice?

For 25 years, Mum-Mums has retained the same allergen free, low sugar, low sodium recipe. Knowing that our families choose the best for their children, we’ve decided to improve our recipe to use natural fruit juice as a sweetener, instead of the white sugar that was previously in our recipe. While some amount of sweetener is needed for Baby Mum-Mums
to maintain their high dissolvability, parents can rest assured that they are giving their children the best, most natural teething biscuit available.


9. What are the benefits of no added salt?

Babies only need a very small amount of sodium, less than 0.4g sodium per day for the first 12 months of life since a baby’s kidneys can’t handle much more than that amount. Once a child begins eating solid food, no salt should be added to any home-cooked or store bought baby foods and any packaged food should have little to no salt added.  Toddlers also need very little salt.  After baby's first birthday, the daily recommended maximum amount of salt until three years of age is less than 2g per day (0.8g sodium).


10. Some of the rusks were broken when I opened the box. What should I do?


11. I find the packaging to be a bit excessive on Baby and Toddler Mum-Mums. Do you use recycled material?

Yes, the box is made with 100% recycled material and we constantly look for ways to reduce packaging without compromising the product.  We use the minimum amount of packaging required to protect the product from breakage during transport as well as ensuring optimum freshness.


12. Are Organic Mum-Mum products available?

For parents looking for organic options, we now offer USDA certified organic options for BMM Original and Carrot and organic TMM Strawberry.


13. Mum-Mum products Kosher or Halal?
All Mum-Mum products are Halal.


14.  I noticed that Toddler Mum-Mums contain gelatin.  What is the source of the gelatin?

A small amount of bovine gelatin (from beef) is used in Toddler Mum-Mum.  No other Mum-Mums contain gelatin.


15. Where are Mum-Mum products made? And by whom?

Baby Mum-Mum and Toddler Mum-Mum are made in China by Want-Want Group, the largest rice cracker manufacturer in the world. Want-Want products have been selling in the USA and Canada for 25 years, and their products are enjoyed by consumers in over 50 countries around the globe. Want-Want was established in 1962, and is Taiwanese owned and managed. Want-Want adheres to the most modern manufacturing and quality control practices and was a leader in adopting the Global Food Safety Initiative, the leading-edge benchmark for food safety standards in the world today.