All Natural Rice Biscuits for Kids



In addition to great tasting and healthy rice biscuits for teething babies and toddlers, we also make a variety
of great quality rice crackers for guilt-free low-calorie snacking.

Rice Crisps & Brown Rice Crisps

Delicious, bite size Rice Crisps satisfy your munchies. They’re a great alternative to chips and wheat crackers. Ideal for a lunch box, gym bag or desk drawer, they are also great for canapes, with soups or to dip.

Flavors include Natural, Sesame, Cheese, Unsalted,
BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Quinoa.

• Made with organic rice

• Gluten Free

• GMO Free

• No Trans Fat

• Cholesterol Free

• Baked Not Fried

SuperSlim Rice Crisps & Brown Rice Crisps

Try our baked SuperSlim Brown Rice Crisps! Made with whole-grain, organic brown Japonica rice, SuperSlim Brown Rice Crisps are free from cholesterol and trans fat and are certified gluten free. Perfect with cheese, toppings, dips and soups; they’re also
a tasty guilt-free snack.

Flavors include Original, Black Sesame, Sea Salt, Sesame
and Multigrain.

• Made with organic rice

• Gluten Free

• GMO Free

• Oven Baked

• Whole Grain

• Source of Fibre